香港嘉里酒店Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

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Kerry Hotel is a high-end, entry lux young brand owned by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. Kerry Hotel is try to open a new market for the younger and fashioner consumer groups. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is invested by a Malaysia Chinese merchant, Robert Kuok. Due to Kuok’s profound hometown feeling, all the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts are studiously designed in a luxury Oriental style.

「」香港嘉里酒店于2017年4月28日在维多利亚港边上华丽开幕,奠定了集团在香港第四间五星级酒店,同时也是自1999年开业的北京嘉里酒店、2011年开业的上海浦东嘉里酒店后的全球第三间嘉里酒店。建筑由本土建筑大师许李严建筑师事务所主持,作品曾红遍岭南府。酒店室内方面邀请了已故赌王傅老榕之孙傅厚民(Andre Fu)先生担任主笔设计师。傅先生毕业于剑桥建筑系,其作品横跨大西洋遍布北半球,已落成的有广州康莱德酒店、香港四大名店之一的奕居酒店、新加坡安达仕酒店、东京四季酒店的法国餐厅及酒吧MOTRF等一大批重量级项目,傅先生也因此多次被评为最具潜力的亚洲设计师之一。如此集颜值、实力、财力于一身的设计师实属是不可多见,眼界可谓高人一等。

Kerry Hotel Hong Kong was opened in April 28th , 2017 on the side of the Victoria Harbor. It’s the fourth 5 star hotel by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts in Hong Kong, meanwhile it’s the third Kerry Hotel in the world after the Beijing and Shanghai Kerry Hotel. The building was deigned by the local architect company Rocco Design Architects Limited. The interior design was came from Andre Fu , Fu’s grandfather was the late gambler king Laorong Fu. Andre was graduated from architecture department of Cambridge University. Andre’s work is all over the world, for example, the Conrad Hotel Guangzhou, Upper House Hong Kong, Andaz Singapore, Four Season Tokyo and so on. Andre was rated as the most potential Asian designer.


Kerry Hotel Hong Kong is locate in 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon. Hotel is beside the school and the residential district, apart from the commercial district. It lie quietly beside the Victoria Harbor, enjoying the impeccable see view. The front gate of the hotel is on the second floor, facing the Victoria Harbor. Driving the car on Hung Luen Road can get to the lobby through the slop. The guest on foot can take the escalator in the back door on the Hung Luen Road to go to the lobby.


 The hotel is 16 floor in height with 546 rooms, each room’s area is between  42 ㎡to 294㎡Kerry Hotel Hong Kong is the only new 5 star hotel in Kowloon in this 10 years. In the future Kerry may compete with the Rosewood Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Kerry’s lobby is different from the personal small lobby like  the Andaz, Conrad and W, it’s enormous size is so rare especially in Hong Kong. The 80 meters wide arc floor glass facing the Victoria Harbor, and the 40 meters wide reception background wall is using the Turkey agate marble. A winding stairs reach the second floor. A Tai Chi artwork is placing in the middle of the lobby. The hotels under Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts are always have a strong oriental impress no matter in which country.


║The lobby use white as the main color, match with beige marble floor, walnut partition wall, brass screen, dark gray marble and some green moss. The lobby is modern, young and solemn. ║Two steps stairs prop up the hold lobby bar and separate it from the public area. The floor glass in front of the lobby bar reflex the outdoor terrace and the green plants. Beside the lobby bar is the reception. The gray marble and green moss decorate the reception. On the gray marble desk lies a notebook computer. The reception is super clean both in color and decoration. Behind the reception is the meeting room and the elevator. The corridor of the meeting room is in walnut color with some green plants with it, and the decoration is much more modest.


We booked the sea view room in advance. Our room was arranged on the 12th floor. ║Opening the room door, the first thing presented into the eye was the walnut  screen and a  blue and white china vase. ║Beside the screen was the bathroom in the main color of champagne and grey blue and decorated with walnut in detail. Behind the screen was the opening wardrobe and the luggage rack. The room continue the gray, white and walnut color of the lobby, and it’s modern, modest style.


║alking through the screen, the floor glass reflected the view of the Victoria Harbor and the buildings in Central District. The sun shined on the sofa in front of the window. It couldn’t be more relaxed than sitting on the sofa enjoying the sunrise and sunset. The mini bra in the room had some cookies, juice, and wine in it, they were all served for free except the wine. ║


Hotel equipped with the gym room, massage, and outdoor swimming pool. Since we went out for business that night, we missed the opening time of the swimming pool.

酒店一楼附属的餐饮百味村,其装修风格是简洁现代的工业风,百味村的经营模式类似融合的美食街,数十家独立的店面经营着各国美食,满足了不同地域客人的饮食习惯。我们在此享用了午餐,人均消费100元,味道也让人满意。On the first floor of the hotel, the Dockyard restaurant was designed is a modern industrial style. Dockyard served different dishes all over the world. We consumed about 100 yuan per person.


The living experience is very relax, we enjoy the service and meanwhile we focus on the design. It surprised us in every detail and brought us some new thinking. The original design brought out many possibility and unknown that different from other design. Andre focus on the whole feeling and the sense of space, his spirit is very rare at the age of 40. We really like his other design the Upperhous , so we chose this hotel.


The traffic is convenient, it close to the C entrance of Whampoa Station. But if we want to go to Tsim Sha Tsui, taking taxi maybe more quickly and cost about 45yuan. We checked in during the holiday, and the room fee was about 1900 yuan. In Hong Kong this price was amazing.

居住体验「Living experience」:★★★★★



性价比「Cost performance」★★★★★