墨尔本大洋路沉船海岸一期项目实施中 Shipwreck Coast Implementation

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Shipwreck Coast Lookouts, 2017-2020. Rendering: McGregor Coxall, Denton Corker Marshall, Arup.

McGregor Coxall现受委托参与沉船海岸总体规划项目一期的实施项耗资980万澳币的项目包括在12使徒和雅德湖区域的瞭望台、相应设备、和一座位于坎贝尔港河上的人行桥。设计要求按照每个场地的不同特征和需求,采用了不同的概念技巧——游客可置身于自然之中,行走于景观之上,徜徉在鲜明的对位视觉中。McGregor Coxall与Denton Corker Marshall在此前一起负责了大洋路沉船海岸的总体规划,并因此摘得多个奖项。在随后维多利亚州政府建筑师办公室及维多利亚公园组织的的邀请制竞赛中,因对场地深入细致的了解,McGregor CoxallDenton Corker Marshall和Arup组成的团队赢得了此个沉船海岸设计项目。项目现由Denton Corker Marshall主导,McGregor Coxall及Arup分别提供景观设计和工程咨询服务。

McGregor Coxall have been appointed to participate in the first implementation phase of the Shipwreck coast Masterplan. The $9.8m project encompasses lookout facilities at the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard precincts, in addition to a pedestrian bridge over Port Campbell Creek. The design approach recognises the differing characters and demands of each site and adopts a range of conceptual techniques - either subsumed within the natural environment, treading lightly upon the landscape, or creating a bold counterpoint. The project team, led by Denton Corker Marshall includes Landscape Architecture by McGregor Coxall and engineering services by Arup. McGregor Coxall offer an intimate knowledge of the site having led the delivery of the award winning masterplan, alongside Denton Corker Marshall. The commission follows a limited design competition process managed by the Office of Victorian Government Architect for Parks Victoria.

Shipwreck Coast Lookouts, 2017-2020. Image source: McGregor Coxall, Denton Corker Marshall, Arup.


The Loch Ard Blowhole lookout will be discreetly nestled among the coastal vegetation on the very edge of the blowhole, discreetly hidden from the approaching paths to provide a surprising and thrilling experience. The Port Campbell Creek pedestrian bridge will sit lightly above water and sand, minimising its visual and physical impact upon both the landscape and the town.


The Saddle lookout at the 12 Apostles, is distinctive and dramatic, perched on top of the cliffs, to fully experience the scale and drama of the magnificent landscape. Unashamedly angular and artificial, the lookout consists oftwo tilted ‘blocks’, one resting on the ground and the other cantilevering out over the cliffs, almost in defiance of nature.

Shipwreck Coast Lookouts, 2017-2020. Image source: McGregor Coxall, Denton Corker Marshall, Arup.


The visitor journey extends through a series of shallow ramps within, over and around the lookout, maximising perimeter and providing varied viewpoints for crowds to enjoy views of the world-renowned coastline. The initial experience is unsettling, bringing visitors in on a high point and creating anunexpected shift by leaning the form over on its side.

Shipwreck Coast Lookouts, 2017-2020. Rendering: McGregor Coxall, Denton Corker Marshall, Arup.


As one descends, the view to the 12 Apostles is revealed and the visitor feels exposed on the edge of the world, before entering a partly enclosed all-weather environment with narrow slots, framing the panorama of ocean, cliffs andsky.  The journey allows for layers of narrative, telling the diverse stories of the traditional owners.

McGregorCoxall公司总监/墨尔本事务所负责人ChristianBorchert表示:“我们很高兴继续与DentonCorker Marshall合作设计沉船海岸总体规划项目一期。景观建筑将在传扬沉船海岸丰富的文化遗产和提升整体游客体验方面发挥至关重要的作用,为后世保留这片未经触碰的生态栖息地。

McGregorCoxall director Christian Borchert said “We are delighted to continue working with Denton Corker Marshall on the design of Stage One of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan. The Landscape Architecture will play a key role in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Shipwreck Coast and enhancing the overall visitor experience, preserving this pristine ecological habitat for generations to come."


Christian Borchert

McGregor Coxall


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